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Pump kits

Kits are perfect for busy engineers and buyers. They are quick and ready to work straight out of the box. All components of the FLUX pump kit: Flux pump tube, motor and accessories. Each part of the system is carefully selected to complement each other by our experienced engineers. FLUX Pumps fill, transfer, or dispenses a variety of liquids including acids, alkalis, and more. Click on the pictures below to find the best possible Flux pump for your applications...


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flux drum pumps

Junior Flux pumps Labor- and barrel pump recommended for filling, transferring or dispensing small amounts of low viscosity liquids as well as acids and alcaline solutions. Mechanical seal in ceramic oxide / PTFE / carbon. 2-speed switch for sensitive filling operations. ...

flux drum pumps

Flux drum Pumps and container pumps are Air or electric motor driven for industrial and sanitary applications.Unique barrel flux pump design in PP and PVDF throughout the world ...

About FLUX
FLUX is the innovators of drum and container pump technology. With 50 years of experience, they are the leading manufacturer of barrel pumps. Each FLUX pump has patented designs. Research and Development departments continuously improve and develop FLUX products to insure the safest and most accurate pumps on the market.

FLUX technology is sought-after more than any other brand of drum pumps. Be it an individual pump or a complete system, FLUX pumps are built to last. FLUX incorporates state of the art technology and superb quality in every little detail of every product they manufactured. FLUX examines the market-place and the latest technical developments so each FLUX pump design is an optimal solution for your particular requirements.

About Burt Process Equipment:
Burt Process Equipment is dedicated to providing fluid handling equipment and services worldwide. We carry an extensive line of products and have solutions for all of your fluid handling needs. Our employees are committed to excellence in the quality of our products and services. Burt Process Equipment is one of the largest stocking distributors of FLUX Pumps and FLUX products. Our support team is trained to help with all of your specific needs.